Pinnwag Working Horses


Our horse division is a real family passion that suits both our business and hobbies.
The entire family are horse enthusiasts, and our country and operations are much better suited to horses than motorbikes.

Our horse activities include breeding, raising, buying and selling, riding, training, working, mustering cattle, checking cattle and country, fences, feed reserves, identifying of newborns, mothering up, cutting out, heat checking.

The main bloodlines are Australian Stock Horse and Quarter Horse cross, focusing mainly on temperament and ability.

We generally try to sell horses that are aged four years and older, and are ready to go on for their new owners, sooner. This then allows the younger ones to receive the time and work they require.

Our horses experience a variation of riders, from the girls and children, to workers and backpackers. These riders, and the work our horses receive, sets them up very well to go on for the new owners, be they young or old, inexperienced or experienced.

Please view our For Sale page for information on horses that are available, or that have been recently sold.

“We purchased a mare (Gemma) from Paul and Kelli Christiansen at the Ag-Grow horse sale. We found the mare to be well above our expectations. She was well-trained, super quiet, great value for money and can be ridden by the whole family. Our country is rough and unforgiving and the mare handled the country with ease. Everything we were told about the mare was spot on. We would highly recommend any horse bred and trained by Paul and Kelli to go on and do a great job.”

Glenn & Julie Chapman, “Cedarvale”, Ubobo