Pinnwag Wagyu Program


We have been breeding Wagyu genetics since 1998, when we introduced the breed to our program via cross breeding.

At the time we received criticism from the breed’s “knockers”, but we remained loyal to our vision and played along by joking responding to “ugly” comments with “Yes, we got them so our neighbours wouldn’t steal them.” Jokes aside, the perception of the breed has changed considerably since then. This comes as no surprise to us, with the benefits that the breed offers and the increasing influence that the consumer has on their food production.

We are very proud of, and acquainted to, not only our own cattle but the entire Wagyu breed and cross breeds in Australia. Not to take away from the Japanese and their original breed of Wagyus, but through the foresight and determination of the pioneers of Wagyu to Australia they are now not only found, but flourish from the top end to the bottom of Australia in hugely variant climates and conditions, which is a massive testament to the breed.

While Wagyu cattle are not at the top of the tree for looks and appearance (possibly near the other end), we believe they are almost unmatchable for obviously marbling, but also temperament, fertility, durability and calving ease.

Pinnacle Wagyu fits somewhere in the middle in terms of location, size and scale, and we consider ourselves big enough to count, yet small enough to care.

At any stage Paul and the team are happy to discuss any ideas, queries or comments you have about Wagyu in Australia or in your own operation.

We always have options to help in any other operations, including bulls for sale and lease, feeder and finished cattle, PTIC heifers and cows, embryos and semen. Please view our For Sale page for more information.

One of the most common questions we receive is about fullbloods, purebreds and crossbreds. 

What is the difference? What are they?

  • If you take say, an Angus cow, and cross with a 100% Wagyu bull you get an F1 (50% Wagyu) progeny.
  • The next generation is F2 and so on, through to F4 plus, which is Purebred (97+% Wagyu).
  • However, Fullbloods are a different story and cannot be bred from any other breed. A Fullblood (100% Wagyu) is bred from a fullblood cow and fullblood bull.
1565 is one of our resident Fullblood Wagyu stud sires
A piece of fillet from a 3-year-old F3 speyed heifer, grassfed only for a home kill
Wagyu cows need to be able to adapt and thrive in a wide range of environments